NeuroMuscular Taping  Treatment of Edemas, Hematomas, and ScarsNeuroMuscular Taping

    Treatment of Edemas, Hematomas, and Scars

    David Blow

    Volume 21 x 27 cm - Hardcover - Pages 432 - Richly illustrated in full colour

    ISBN 978-88-7051-599-2

    Price € 50,00

    The text shows the modes of application and benefits of NeuroMuscular Taping in postsurgical and post-traumatic drainage of edemas and hematomas, as well as in the treatment of scars. An in-depth theoretical section on the lymphatic and circulatory systems supports and enhances the more than 90 practical content cards which, through the use of various images, analytically and thoroughly explain the correct method for applying decompression-lymphatic Neuro-Muscular Taping on various parts of the body.

    Considerable space is devoted to the techniques for applying NeuroMuscular Taping on edemas, hematomas, and scars, broken down by category and characteristics. Specific cards also illustrate the benefits of combining restricting lymphatic bandages with decompression taping. A detailed look at numerous clinical cases using NeuroMuscular Taping completes the work.

    Potential readers – Specialists in physical medicine, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, nurses.

    NeuroMuscular Taping  Treatment of Edemas, Hematomas, and Scars - digital edition

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