Atlas of Nasal CytologyAtlas of Nasal Cytology

     for the Differential Diagnosis of Nasal Diseases

    Matteo Gelardi

    Volume 21 x 29.7 cm - Hardcover - Pages 212 - Richly illustrated in colour

    ISBN 978-1-4675-3035-4

    Price € 60,00

    Although nasal cytology is still a little used diagnostic approach, it has often proved to be decisive: it makes it possible to distinguish between different forms of rhinopathy – inflammatory from infectious, allergic from non-allergic vasomotor, and bacterial from viral and fungal forms, as well as to diagnose the presence, in the same patient, of various “overlapping” forms. It is also important to consider other important aspects that make cytology a practical diagnostic method, accessible to all rhinoallergology services: the simplicity and low invasiveness of the technique. This book fills a gap given that, to date, there have been no textbooks or atlases dealing with this specific topic. It sets out to contribute to acquisition of the theoretical bases of modern cytology and the correct methodological approach, as well as to improve r ecognition and interpretation of the cytological changes that take place in the various diseases.

    Potential readers – Otolaryngologists, allergologists, pneumologists, paediatricians.

    Atlas of Nasal Cytology Atlas of Nasal Cytology