Neurology BookNeurology Book

     Neurological Anatomy, Physiology and Semiology

    Lorenzo Pinessi, Salvatore Gentile, Innocenzo Rainero

    Bilingual (parallel text): English-Italian - Volume 19.5 x 26 cm - Paperback - Pages 640 - Richly illustrated two colours

    ISBN 978-88-7051-363-9

    Price € 65,00

    Neurology Book contains the basic knowledge (semiotics, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology) without which it is impossible and hazardous to attempt to learn and practice clinical neurology. Neurology is a complex discipline. After all, the brain, being enclosed in the cranium, cannot be examined directly. And yet neurologists can, through clinical examination alone, detect a cerebral or spinal lesion, identifying its site with millimetre precision. Neurological semiology is a vast discipline based on knowledge of the signs and/or symptoms of the different diseases of the nervous system. The diagnosis of a neurological disorder is a process of logical deduction based on the history and neurological examination, as well as the instrumental investigations that may be necessary in order to confirm or refute the diagnostic hypothesis. The distinctive feature of this book is that it is bilingual – Italian text on the left hand page and English on the right. This allows Italian students, now used to using English, to strengthen their knowledge of language and the specific neurological terminology. Instead, for the foreign student doing a course in Italy, this book provides an account of “the Italian way to neurology” directly in the world’s most widely spoken language.

    Potential readers – Orthopaedic specialists, rehabilitation specialists, geriatricians, neurologists, physiatrists.

    Neurology Book Neurology Book