Aquatic TherapyAquatic Therapy

     Aquatic Rehabilitation Handbook

    Piero Benelli, Milco Zanazzo

    Volume 21 x 27 cm - Paperback - Pages 320 - Richly illustrated in colour

    ISBN 978-88-7051-518-3

    Price € 70,00

    The book indicates the modes of operation and the practical applications of the various aquatic rehabilitation methods, drawing from both scientific evidence taken from the most significant publications in the field, as well as the practical experience of the authors. The text addresses the many aspects of aquatic rehabilitation: from its historical background to its physiological and biomechanical principles, the preparation of protocols and work programmes to the management of patients based on their anthropometric and functional conditions, and finally the various objectives and pathologies in question. The volume places particular focus on practical applications in the context of specific diseases, with continuous references focused both on the scientific literature and the practical experience gained by the authors in the field. The test is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook, which includes 450 photographs of more than 120 exercises designed for the various anatomical regions of the body and for various pathological situations, using the latest tools.

    The volume is enriched by a video section (100 videos) dedicated to aquatic exercise.

    Potential readers – Rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, motor science graduates, swim teachers.

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