Human Anatomy - FundamentalsHuman Anatomy - Fundamentals

    with Principles of Histology

    VV. AA.

    Volume 22 x 28 cm - Paperback - Pages 976 - Richly illustrated in colour

    ISBN 978-88-7051-651-7

    A simple and complete presentation of the topics and a clear and rigorous discussion are the salient features of this work that leads to the learning of Human Anatomy, modulating the subject with different levels of insight, according to the needs or interests of the student.
    • The fundamentals are presented in a comprehensive and stimulating way from the graphical point of view, always with the support of summary schemes, in the columns to the side of the text, to facilitate the study and revision of the topics.
    • A large iconographic apparatus integrates with the text, through images, drawings and graphs that favor a visual learning.
    • Abstracts and summary tables open the discussion of the different topics in order to effectively and immediately visualize the fundamental key points.
    • Small body texts deal with the in-depth discussion of topics, such as notions of topographic anatomy, vascularization and innervation, microscopic morphology, functional anatomy and clinical anatomy.
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