Functional Anatomy and ImagingFunctional Anatomy and Imaging

    Locomotor system

    Manrico Morroni

    Volume 22 x 28 cm - Paperback - Pages 400 - Richly illustrated in colour


    “Functional Anatomy and Imaging - Locomotor System” is a text that connects the contents of the anatomy to the kinesiology, namely the science that study the rational human movement in all of his forms. The approach to the presentation of the osteology, the arthrology and the myology is propaedeutic to the study of the kinesiology: hence, the anatomical description and the analysis of the movements associated.
    In order to emphasize the importance of solid anatomical bases in the clinical practice, short clinical references have been inserted and bioimaging (computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging) with high teaching quality, concerning certain regions of the locomotor system, have been used.