Treatise on Human Anatomy
Systematic and Functional ApproachTreatise on Human Anatomy Systemic and Functional Approach


    Three volumes 22 x 28 cm - Hardcover - Total number of pages 1986 - Richly illustrated in colour Analytic index

    ISBN 978-88-7051-677-7


    Now in its fifth edition, the Treatise on Human Anatomy for over 40 years is the reference text for students of Degree Courses in Medicine and Surgery. Renewed not only graphically, the Treatise on Human Anatomy offers medical students a systemic and functional approach to the key discipline of their studies. Alongside the study of the morphology of the human body and the anatomical structures, the work also includes the discussion of the elements of microscopic anatomy (histology and cytology) and embryology. Clinical and radiological aspects complete the work. To maximize the effectiveness of the study, the work is completed with advanced digital teaching resources present on the web platform Virtual Campus, which make it interactive and complete the study of anatomy through original visual media.