Human Physiology - ElementsHuman Physiology - Elements

    VV. AA.

    Volume 22 x 28 cm - Paperback - Pages 416 - Richly illustrated in colour

    ISBN 978-88-7051-681-4

    Physiology is fundamental for many degree courses and aims to study the mechanisms underlying the functioning of the different organs and systems of the human body, propaedeutic to the study of clinical disciplines. In this volume are presented the most up-to-date knowledge of the subject in a complete but at the same time concise manner, making every effort possible so that the conciseness did not compromise the student’s understanding of a subject that is certainly not easy. The graphic layout and the structure of the book were, in fact, designed to encourage and stimulate the student’s learning path in understanding the various topics, with an integrated and applicative view of the physiological processes through the insertion in the text of numerous indepth clinical boxes. The iconographic apparatus consists of images, diagrams, graphs and flowcharts designed to support the various phases of the study and to facilitate visual learning. The student will be able to test the actual understanding of the individual topics thanks to the numerous exercises present at the end of each chapter. Web area Virtual Campus: • Self-evaluation exercises • Lectures and interactive laboratories • Access to the digital version of the book (the access to the web area and consultation of the digital book are available for a limited period of time starting from the registration date).