ultrasound-guided botulinumPractical Handbook for Ultrasound-guided Botulinum Toxin Injection

    Alessandro Specchia, Gianroberto Ferreri, Emanuele Cassetta, Luana Cerbarano, Anna Rita Bentivoglio

    Volume 21 x 27 cm - Paperback - Pages 92 - Richly illustrated in colour

    ISBN 978-88-7051-717-0

    Human being’s care and medicine as a science require that the knowledge and experience of the individual can be shared and enriched by comparison with many others.
    This is the goal of the authors – doctors belonging to different specialist fields (neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, radiology) – who have recognized the common need to communicate their experience in the treatment of muscle hyperactivity through botulinum toxin injection, hoping that the reverberation of sharing may increase one’s own and others’ knowledge.

    The authors describe the ultrasound-guided botulinum toxin injection for more than 80 muscles of the neck, of the trunk and of the upper limb and lower limb. For each muscle the handbook provides the description of the function, origin, insertion, innervation as well as injection sites and dosage. The collection of images is particularly rich (more than 300), including anatomical drawings, ultrasound images and clinical photographs.


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